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The Kingston Collective is more than just a business directory (though we’re a pretty great one). We’re also your built-in business network of support and strength. Join us as we team up to connect, collaborate, learn together, and laugh about the highs and lows the way only another Kingston local understands.

Whether you’re bricks and mortar or totally online, you’ll unlock so much value and benefits from being part of our empowering business group. From café owners to sports club, bustling shops to the service provider of your dreams; Kingston Collective is where you’ll connect with the brilliant minds behind our local gems. Who’s ready to lean into an energetic, community-minded space with us?


Get behind these local legends

Supporting local never felt so good – or so easy! Each month we profile members of Kingston Collective here, and also in our newsletter and social media to really give the business a friendly branding boost. Scratch their back. Go on. Give them a follow on their socials, recommend them to a friend or better still – make their day; make a purchase!


Real people at real life events

In work, life (and love!) real life human connection is where you build REAL relationships. And yes, we are prepared to die on that hill.

Events are core to our existence, and core to our purpose of bringing locals together to foster a thriving community. We’re unapologetically passionate about hosting real world catch-ups, events and workshops. We’re also equally passionate about showcasing events our members are hosting or attending in the local area.

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Ain’t no hood like our neighbourhood

New here? Missed an event? We’re rounding up the best of what Kingston Collective is offering, and sharing our advice and tips along the way. Browse the news to play catch up.


Connect, learn, and laugh with the KC crew

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