What is the Kingston Collective

The Kingston Collective is all about creating a COMMUNITY of like minded local small business owners as well as local people who want to CONNECT with one another in a variety of ways, as well as COLLABORATE to form fruitful relationships and reach wider audiences.

How do we do this?

  • Our Business Directory is a fantastic resource tool for both locals as well as business owners to find a local business & engage with them.
  • Our Events Page is a great way for locals to find what local events are happening near them that they can get involved with.
  • We run ticketed networking events at our members premises so business owners can make connections and grow their business community.
  • We run Premium Member only events where deeper relationships can be formed with greater business development.
  • We actively promote our members on our social media channels including¬†Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn which is a great way for local people to find and engage with our members.
  • We run both organic and paid marketing campaigns that encourage visitors to our Directory as well as member businesses.
  • We have an online store (local marketplace) where local retailers can sell their products directly to local people.
  • In collaboration with Kingston Council, Bendigo Bank Highett & WCM Digital, we run annual Business Awards which acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of local small businesses.
  • In collaboration with 9 local agribusinesses (breweries & distilleries) we are developing the Bayside Beer Belt and running monthly Craft Beer & Spirit Tours.


We are passionate about supporting and promoting local small businesses as well as creating a fun and inclusive community where people want to be involved, engaged and feel they belong.


Join our community and start strengthening your network, making connections and being found by more locals!

Our 3 C’s


We have an amazing community full of both local small business owners who have their businesses listed on our Directory as well as engaged local people who follow us on social media and use our directory as a resource tool.


Through our events, co-working groups, social media, EDM's and other avenues, our members connect with one another to form beneficial business relationships as well as connect with local consumers who fall within their target market.


We love to collaborate with our members in a variety of ways such as events, workshops, business articles, promotions and more to help our members reach wider audiences. Our members also collaborate with each other in so many ways including projects, promotions, support, client/ supplier relationship and more!

How it all began?

Nat Wilson

Hi, I'm Nat Wilson, creator of the Kingston Collective.

I have lived in the City of Kingston community my whole life, growing up in East Bentleigh and now living in Moorabbin with my family.

For the first 18 years of my career I worked in the Events Industry, predominantly in member based and community focused sectors. I have a passion for connecting people and bringing people together through events.

In 2019 I wanted to create some community events using local businesses in a way to bring locals together and have some fun. Whilst I was exploring the area, I discovered so many amazing businesses and business owners who many locals didn't know about. I started promoting these businesses on social media and discovered that local people love to learn about their neighbourhood and the cool businesses within it.

In August 2020 (yes, during the pandemic) we launched a Business and Events Directory as a resource tool for locals to use and engage with local businesses. From there it has developed into this amazing member community of connected business owners who want to connect with one another as well as local people.

I love creating and running networking events and get a real kick out of seeing members connect and start working together.

It began so organically and from something totally unexpected. So that's it, that's how the Kingston Collective started!