The Kingston Collective is a community FULL of amazing solopreneurs and small business owners who are looking to connect, collaborate and grow their business networks.

We actively promote and support our members as well as create opportunities for connection and collaborations through our events both in person and online.

Our membership also includes a business listing on our popular Business & Events Directory which enables both business owners and local people to FIND YOUR BUSINESS!

We are passionate about supporting and promoting local businesses as well as creating a fun and inclusive community where people want to be involved, engaged and feel they belong.

OUR 3 C’s



We have an amazing community full of solopreneurs and small business owners who are looking to be part of something outside of their business and make connections with like minded people.


Through our events, social media, EDM's and other avenues, our members connect with one another to form beneficial business relationships as well as connect with local consumers who fall within their target market.


We love to collaborate with our members in a variety of ways such as events, workshops, business articles, promotions and more to help our members reach wider audiences. Our members also collaborate with each other in so many ways including projects, promotions, support, client/ supplier relationship and more!

Who Runs The Collective?

Meet Bec; Lioness to her Collective cubs.

Like a pride of lions has its leader, Kingston Collective has its unstoppable lioness: Rebecca Monforte. Bec is a communications professional and founder of Silver Lioness Marketing, a business with a highlight reel more hectic than feeding time at the zoo.


Bec is known for jumping into her passions with unstoppable enthusiasm, evidenced by her next-day acquisition of Kingston Collective when it faced a complete shut down. She is fiercely driven to empower Kingston legends with new expertise and opportunities — beginning with a leap of faith that was entirely unsurprising for those familiar with Bec’s go-getter spirit and make-anything-happen mindset.

This passion means that wherever Bec goes, her all-in drive and freely-shared expertise follow. She inspires entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals with a high energy, human-centred approach, as Bec believes magic happens when we lean into the joy of real life relationships.


Bec brings 10+ years of fast-paced marketing and communications experience to the Kingston Collective community, leading the way with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Degree from RMIT University, along with an array of qualifications to keep on top of an evolving industry. Bec has worked with brands like L’Oreal Paris, GM Holden, and Cbus Super Fund — and spoken at major events including ASFA National Conference and AIST’s Conference of Major Super Funds. While her knowledge is shared abundantly, she has become known for her never too serious, business-without-boring spirit. She fearlessly builds Kingston Collective into a community-centred village where everyone is welcomed, celebrated, equipped with expertise, then launched into the stratosphere to succeed.


Never one to shy away from an opportunity, local legends will find Bec behind the mic at events, effortlessly switching between joke-telling, community-building and knowledge-sharing. From marketing consulting to business freelancing, keynote speaking to social media marketing, Bec’s varied expertise brings people together to swap stories, share opportunities and lift one another up.


Bec is a Kingston Collective treasure who sets the tone of the room — making it one where fun, light-heartedness, loyalty and dedication thrive. She is continuously learning, improving and adding value to the KC community, as she embarks on an unstoppable mission to help others be their best.

Connect with Bec on Linkedin here.